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Geeze these haters just won't stop

  • Hater: justin bieber is a fag
  • Me: Got anything else to say.?
  • Hater: hes ugly
  • Me: Hm, well. Considering the fact that you are a GUY, it probably wouldn't make much sense for you to think he was hot, unless, of course, you were GAY.. so calling him ugly doesn't prove anything other than that you are straight.
  • Hater: ya im straight but hes not
  • Me: Do you live on the moon?
  • Hater: ?? no..
  • Me: Then you should have known about 5 months ago that Justin is certainly NOT gay, seeing as, he has a girlfriend..
  • Hater: sux for u
  • Me: Um, not really. I can't get him anyway.
  • Hater: cool
  • Me: Not cool.
  • Hater: k well just so u kno i still hate him
  • Me: I know... when did you ever say you didn't..?
  • Hater: k
  • Me: Um, okay.. I guess.. Bye..
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